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Candle Making First Attempt. 

A couple of years ago I purchased a couple of candles from a Viking re-enactor.
I've been hoarding them, guarding them jealously and not burning them.
I know they aren't meant to be a keepers item but I just didn't want to not have them. 

Since then I've been collecting little slabs of bees wax from market vendors and finally got around to looking in to making some of my own candles. 

This meant several trips to ALL the op shops around town and up to 60k away.
Still haven't got everything I need so I used some of my kitchen equipment.
Definitely going to get the complete kit so I don't have to meticulously clean said kitchen equipment again. Also I used the kitchen stove top as I wasn't confident enough to use the gas ring outside. But for next time that also is a must.
The kitchen is clean now and so it is time to document my progress.
I am pleased with my first attempt and I hope you are too (whoever reads this). 

Wax in SS pot in a bane of gently boiling water. SS pot needs to be taller for proper sized candles.
Wax in SS pot in a bane of gently boiling water. SS pot needs to be taller for proper sized candles.
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Donkey Day

A visit to a friends property to check out the baby goats turned into pure delight when I discovered upon entry that they also have donkeys. I love donkeys and they love hugs. Perfect match. 

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In again/out again.

Ages ago I discovered this odd hobby where people dress up and go on pilgrimage to a special place where you can be someone else for a couple of days.
It was fun then. You see new (old) stuff, learnt cool stuff and met some amazing people. You know who you are, yes you.

I thought I'd take it a step further and join a local group of like minded people.
It turned out that like minded wasn't as like minded as I was hoping. Nuff said.
Though I did learn more stuff and did cool stuff and still kept contact with amazing people. You still there? Yup.

The ol' 'proverbial' hit the fan and I left. Not with tail between my legs but with head held high. Group disbanded (split in twain) and the better half head hunted me for a while till I caved and re-joined. 

I had a fun couple of meetings then the drought hit with the severe fire risk preventing social gatherings with brilliant bonfires and enthusiastic chats of what we could achieve. Covid lock downs didn't help, it was about a year before any gathering of any sort occurred again. The captain hit the online gaming scene bigtime and went off the radar while everyone else was either busy or like me just plain lost interest even after purchasing equipment and gear. 

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(no subject)

Oh boy! I was going to delete all of my past entries but on second and third thought I have decided to keep them as whingey and whiny as they are.
It's sort of good to look back and see how I was then.
Maybe I can grow.


In the scorpians nest.

So I have two glorious weeks holidays in July where I did the two things I love the most. One is chilling out and the other is to attend a yearly pilgrimage to my fave pastime gathering. Beautiful weather one weekend while I'm out and about, pouring down rain and blowing a gale when I could stay indoors and read to my hearts content the next.

One day back at work and I'm in the poo.
It seems I am supposed to have told someone that someone else is saying bad things about them.
So I'm in the bad books with the gossipees because the "gossiped about" went and said I overheard them talking about her and I told her.

Now here's the dumb thing. I didn't even speak to either person on my first day back because I was kept hopping all day.
I asked gossipers what's up and I am told I am supposed to have repeated their chat to "gossiped about" when that's not even what they said.
??? What the fudge???
I assured gossipers that it most certainly wasn't me. Then I went to "gossiped about" and said "wtf?" She is adamant it was me who repeated said gossip to her. When? That previous afternoon. Are you sure it wasn't 'so-and-so'? we are always getting mistaken for each other. No, it was me. My memory isn't that bad. I would have remembered. What I do remember is being kept so busy and not going anywhere near her. Co worker chimes in and said that it most likely wasn't her (me) she's not like that then she said that it was this other person.

Confused yet?

That person turns up at work today and I challenge her and was about to tell her not to spread gossip. No, she says, it wasn't me.
It has been said by many people that none of these people can be trusted and never to say anything around them because they'll repeat it. Good advice if I was a gossiper, but I'm not.

I've been worried about this because people believe what they want to believe and now my name is mud. I think.
Then tonight I remind myself (and I will advise her at the 'hearing' next wednesday that I don't care enough about most people to repeat gossip about them and if I did care about someone they were talking about I would stop them right there and then and tell them to stop the gossip. Simple as that.
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So man of the moment and I have been feeding each other. One day he'll cook for me and on another I'll cook for him.
I've had more time lately so I've cooked for him more often than he for me.
He likes to cook and loves to eat and has a constant delivery of wines to his front door. He actually reads the labels. The only label I read is the price tag.
Anyway, I had given up cooking because "Daughter of Mine" has gone vegetarian and I don't eat so much any more.
Suddenly I feel the need to compete with "man of the moment" by getting out my old recipe books and trying out some supposedly tried and tested recipes.
Oh boy! I haven't killed us yet. Most of the meals have been identifiable and reasonably nourishing but they also provide entertainment for the evening. And by that I mean a good ol' belly laugh.
Take for instance Pork Belly marinated in a mix of juices, brown sugar, marmalade jam. Well of course that's going to turn into some toxic sludge in bottom of the roasting pan.
Sigh, a couple of days soak and it will be right as rain.
Food. Eh? Cant live without it, cant get it right.

But at least there's always wine. Right?

Time for a chat.

Well 'he' has been away for 8 days. Been on a little holiday he has.
Went to a little place down south that is very dear to his heart.
He texted me daily and sent pics.
I didn't miss him like someone madly in love but I did miss him.

He's back tomorrow, I'll be picking him up from the airport in the evening.
I probably should cook him tea since he'll be tired and all from an early start and 3 flights.

I think it's time to sit down and ask where, if anywhere we are heading.
I would like to know if he is interested enough in me to consider a relationship.

This shouldn't be difficult but I'm worried. Maybe we both want different things.
I want an old fashioned relationship that lasts into old age.
Sex isn't important, mutual understanding, compatibility and trust is.

I have no idea how to start this conversation but it needs to be started.
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My Dogs vs Men.

One day I decided to look into adopting a greyhound.
I had no idea how this would go but after living with terriers for close on 12 years how bad could it be, right?

I adopted one, was given another and when that one passed on I found another.

Beautiful animals, full of love and fun, love to sleep and eat and have affection poured out on them. (when they're not digging holes or destroying a teddy)

They have well and truly ensconced themselves into the fabric of our lives. My daughter being their mum and I am Grammy, just so they don't get confused by having two mums.

Anyway, me being a fickle female thought my life isn't complete without a man, decided to go hunting, or fishing in this case.
Caught a 'fish', had a couple of dates, he fed me at his place then I fed him at my place.

We share an interest in herbs, he showed me his so I showed him mine. All the while greyhounds are following us around the yard quietly demanding pats and leans (it's what greys do, just lean when you stand still).

A couple of pats were given I think a bit begrudgingly but they were given. Then we decided to sit outside, drink wine, chat then eat tea.
Dog one came a couple of time for the occasional pat but was rewarded with a cold shoulder, a very noticeable pulling away.
I know it's not right for them to come to the table and I did send him (dog) away.

He made no mention of the dogs the whole time he was there, no word of liking them nor disliking them was offered.
But I got the sure impression that he is not a dog person.
He did relate a story about how ex wife got a cat against his wishes then another two when that one left.
How he was glad to be rid of that situation.

There are many little e-cards expressing a dog owners preferences of their fur family to people who don't like them and I would happily post any one of them at my door or as my profile on a dating site if ever I was to use one again.

It has been a while since I have been forced to make do for myself and I have survived. Making decisions of importance, fixing things for myself or not and coping. I thought I could just slip back into being dependent once again with a little help from the right man.
I don't think there is just such a creature. I think I'm happy to be independent and bask in the love of my dogs and Daughter Of Mine.
My dogs are my family with unconditional love and gratitude for who I am with all of my faults and failings, I will never get that from a man.

3rd Date.

Just the best ever beef stroganoff EVER!

3 dates down and I'm starting to warm to this guy.
I feel very comfortable with him, especially after a couple of glasses of Shiraz.

I think he is far more intelligent for someone who uses these dating sites and this is fantastic.

He is a caring sort of person with enough compassion to do his job to the best of his abilities yet leave enough compassion for himself.

He's currently doing an online course for horticulture and is just starting to feel the magnitude of the task.

I'm truly taken by him and I hope I didn't embarrass myself with a head full of delicious red wine.
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